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Fridley Creek Farm


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Many customers like to know about the company and people behind the products they buy. Well we are a pretty simple family.

How we got started

We were thinking it would be fun to have a few chickens running around the yard and a bonus to get farm fresh eggs. We were'nt thinking of having more than 20 or so chickens. And when ordering them online we had to purchase atleast 30 chicks so they would survive the 2 to 3 day shipment.  No problem.  I placed the order for 30 Heirloom Light Brahama chickens.  This was great I figured they would start laying eggs in August.

The shipment was to arrive 2 weeks later. We waited got everything ready. Heat lamps, feed a place in the mudroom that would be prefect.   The shipment came in. But it came in late almost 4 days in shipping.  We were losing the chicks quickly.  We ended up with 15 live chicks.  I called the company I purchased them from they were happy to ship out more.  But of course it would have to be the 30 chicks again. This time they were shipped during a snow storm in Texas (thats were they were shipped out of) I called the company again. They called the hatchery. They confirmed they thought they had stopped that shipment because of the snow storm. They were ready to ship out another shipment to me. GREAT!  So we thought!

In three days we had a total of 75 chicks!

Both shipments were sent out. All of them lived! It was incredable! Now what? Do we have enough space? Do we have enough food?

We made due and ended up using our cargo trailer as a temporary home when they out grew the mudroom.  Of course with that many chicks growing and then laying, we ended up have  a lot of roosters but we also ended up with a lot of eggs!

What do we do with all them?  I started talking to Larry and Debbie Demarre about selling eggs to them at the Gardiner Food Farm. They were all for it!  That is were we started... But it hasnt ended...

Our Employees

4-H is a wonderful program for school aged children.  My daughter does most of the work taking care of the chickens, collecting eggs, cleaning the coops. She does a lot of the work with the animals here. It has been a great experience for her.

Our Company

We are dedicated to assuring our customers all natural, fresh, chemical free eggs.  We use feed that is free of animal byproducts. We collect eggs everyday.  We keep our chickens in clean, healthy environments.  They are allowed to roam the property (when we are home to watch over them, due to wondering dogs and birds of prey they can't be left to fend for themselves).  They are kept in a chicken house that is heated in the winter.  The chickens are allowed to leave the chicken house to roam outside, into their chicken yard. They do not live in cages. They have plenty of room to roam and socialize. They are very happy chickens!

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Fridley Creek Farm


Fridley Creek Farm

241 Capricorn Drive Emigrant Montana 59027